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A word that is burdened with prejudices – for it implies failure, conflict, lack of flexibility, an inability to make the grade.

Yet in many cases it arises from unavoidable entrepreneurial decisions that are not directly related to the management staff, executives or employees who are ultimately affected.

The earlier the outplacement process is initiated, the fairer and more efficiently it can be implemented for both sides – the company and the staff. Having worked as a HR manager and executive coach for many years, I accompany these separation processes in a neutral yet supportive way, including those with a long transition period.



  • Thanks to my experience as an executive coach, I am skilled at aiding people to gently come to terms with reality, keeping them continually motivated and, if necessary, helping them to reorient themselves by realigning their perspectives.
  • Shaping a new beginning together is an interesting task, but at the same time a demanding challenge. For everyone concerned. The key is to approach things with a positive attitude – perhaps the time was anyway right to think about change, for there is no such thing as coincidences.
  • Being made redundant is not the end of the world. These days, it happens at all hierarchical levels and often due to no fault of one's own. All the more reason to view the situation as a unique opportunity.
  • Effective communication and a clear storyline are probably the most important factors for guaranteeing that the outplacement process is a success. This is a multifaceted undertaking, for it is essential that the right message is conveyed to the employees concerned, their families and friends, work colleagues, suppliers and clients, as well as to the general public. Considerable damage can potentially be done here – and rumours spread like wildfire. It is necessary to find a uniform thread – and one that is true, honest, open and personable.
  • I like to define the flow of communication, in terms of content and timing, both inside and outside the company as early on as possible. It is at this stage that most mistakes occur, and they are almost impossible to put right. Moreover, it is not just the interests of the departing employee that are at stake, but also the image and reputation of the company.
  • I develop the message and content together with a competent, professional communication partner. The client is also closely involved in this process.
  • Each outplacement is tailored to the individual needs of the client. There are no standard programmes or procedures to laboriously work one's way through. As with coaching, a tried-and-tested 360 degree survey is conducted. Here the focus is placed on the particular circumstances, the personalities and the stocktake of their personal situation. The assessment is based on informative tests, but above all on obtaining appraisals from the immediate environment and conducting personal interviews.
  • In the event that my client finds a new job or sets up their own business, I accompany them within the scope of my mandate. I continue to advise and coach them in order to bring the entire process to a successful conclusion.
  • Personal discussions are conducted in my offices in Pfäffikon. Positive aura, lake view, complete discretion. A conducive atmosphere to talk openly. It is also important that this address is not specified, so that anyone can come and go anonymously if they wish.



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