Michel Liès,  as Group CEO,  Swiss Re

“When addressing management and executive challenges, Daniel is one of those rare talents combining a focused approach with style, credibility and creativity. The solutions he then contributes to, are constructive, often innovative and - last but not least – resilient”

Philippe Regazzoni,  Executive Insurance Advisor

“Daniel has been supporting me as a Coach in my personal and professional development. His open, uncomplicated and positive style is the best ground for an energetic, positive and trust-based working relation ship.

Based on his wide experience, his profound human knowledge, his understanding of interpersonal aspects and his respectability he has the talent to support and develop leaders professionally! Daniel's experience in this area is presumably unique.“ (transl.)

Christian Mumenthaler,  Group CEO, Swiss Re 

"I have worked extensively with Daniel and have always very much enjoyed his presence and profited from his insights. Daniel has the ability to go to an office in any country, talk to multiple people at all levels and extract the essence of what is going well and what is not going well. His feedback to local management has helped them grow, and has helped me to better support them."

Simon Lehmann, Group CEO Biketec AG Flyer, Member of the Board, HomeAway.com

“There are no coincidences in life! I met Daniel as true professional, straight and brutally honest management coach. His very deep experience helps him to analyze and understand many different business situations on all management levels. Daniel helps me to reflect and question challenging situations without losing the big picture.”

Moses Ojeisekhoba,  CEO Reinsurance,   Swiss Re  

“Daniel’s strength in quickly getting to the "real" issues will be of value to any organization. When I add to that his understanding of Asia and his ability to bridge the gap to European cultures, it does put him in a unique position to serve companies/individuals doing business across that divide.”

Clarence Yeung,  as Group COO,  ACR Capital Holding, Hong Kong

“Always straight forward and no nonsense.  Great insights on organization and people, and good in giving advice and sharing views.”

Alain Flandrin, CEO Asia Pacific, Partner Re

"Daniel's coaching confronts you with a reality about yourself and your organization without any make-up. With his business and people experience he is fast to identify and understand any organizational dysfunction. Through open minded and challenging discussions, one of his strengths is his ability to help you to find the key to open the door for solutions. Daniel's personal and emotional engagement enables to immediately build up an affinity of trust favorable to a fertile and fruitful collaboration. I really enjoyed working with him."

Eric Smith,  CEO Reinsurance Americas, Member of Group Executive Committee,   Swiss Re 

"Daniel was a great asset to me as I took on a difficult role.  He understands complex organizations and the importance of building strong leadership teams. "

From Karl-Heinz Jung, Market Head, Asian Capital Re, Singapore

“Daniel is always honest discussion partner who helps individuals finding solutions in a logical and structured way, and in a friendly and constructive spirit. He knows how organizations work and why they often don't work as planned. I enjoyed working with him.”

Agostino Galvagni,  CEO Corporate Solutions, Member of Group Executive Committee,   Swiss Re 

“Daniel works alongside leaders and managers across all cultures who strive for high quality and lasting performance. His combination of professionalism and friendly empathy makes it easy for individuals to connect with him. In his coaching sessions he encourages creativity and out of the box thinking, helping individuals to see things from other/different perspectives. It has always been a pleasure working with him.“

André Kunz,  Lead Department Head Customer Care,  Member of Executive Board,  OIZ City of Zurich 

„Daniel is a leader and a man of action who expresses openly his opinion and puts facts in a nutshell – and the emotional intelligence to suss out individuals as well as the entire team-dynamic.” (transl.)

Martin Albers, Chairman Amlin Re, Member Board of Directors Vaudoise Insurance

“Daniel has been an excellent sparring partner in developing the quality of the EMEA senior management. Dani has given strong advice, but has also very successfully coached high potential managers. One of his strengths is to understand and adapt to different business cultural environments.”

Thierry Léger,  CEO Life Capital, Member Group Executive Committee, Swiss Re 

"Daniel has been a great personal coach to me and many others during many years at Swiss Re"

Dr. Matthias Oberholzer,  Partner and Managing Director,  Russell Reynolds Associates Europe

“I had the pleasure to work with Daniel in his capacity as a HR Business Partner. I was very impressed by his business sense, judgment, customer-orientation and values. Daniel’s positive can-do personality shines through in his work and it is great fun to interact with him.”

Martyn Parker,  Chairman Global Partnership,  Member of Group Management Board,  Swiss Re

“I have worked with Daniel for a number of years. He has a great track record of working with executives and improving their performance and contribution via coaching which starts by allowing them to see themselves through the eyes of other!”

Takashi Goda,  Executive for Global Reinsurance and Risk Management, Japan

“Daniel always listens to me about the business, fundamentals, environments and people first, before starting any coaching and advising. His real world experience in the global arena over 30 years is unsurpassed. He may decline the business if he finds he would not be useful.”

Alfonso Lombao Rubiàs,  Managing Partner at Swift Effect

"Daniel is a great professional with the ability to select and assign the best fitted talents within a firm to an emerging business opportunity/project."

Robert Wiest, CEO Swiss Re China,  Member of Executive Team,  Swiss Re

"Daniel is working with people in a very particular manner. The results brought back to me gave me an insight on other people's view of myself which in my professional career I never got. This was most helpful and very powerful."

Ivo Menzinger, Client Executive at Swiss Re

"Daniel Wahrenberger has been instrumental to executive and team development across cultures in the Asia-Pacific team of Global Partnerships. He has the rare skill to win the trust of individuals very quickly. This allows him to be very effective as a coach, facilitator, and management consultant."  

Ivo Hux,  Head France, Benelux and Switzerland at Swiss Re

"Daniel is an excellent talent scout constantly screening the organization and the environment for the managers of the next generation. Daniel supported me efficiently as a coach in the first phase of a new management challenge, giving honest feedback and advice in order to make the new appointment a success. He was available for discussion and exchange whenever and wherever this was needed." 

Sharon Ooi , Head of P&C Reinsurance Southeast Asia, India & Dragons,  Managing Director,  Swiss Re

“As an Executive Coach, Daniel was very good in challenging me to think broader and more high level as well as providing advice not only from his own career but reference stories from coaching other executives.”

KC Yan,  Senior Consultant at ITD World

“Daniel’s strengths (which shows up in his record of excellence) has been handling mega projects related to people and talent management implications stemming from foresight of business strategy.  Both at the total organization view as well as key individual executives requiring coaching and change.  On the cultural bridging side, I must say that his strong EQ and sensitivity to Asian culture has earned much respect from the Asian HR and business folks.”

Luc Albert,  Executive Advisor EMEA Reinsurance

"Using a combination of strong listening skills and structured analysis, Daniel quickly gains insights in a person's professional and inter-personal capabilities.  This approach allows Daniel to provide valuable guidance for personal coaching, career planning and people selection."

Tim Hodgson, Head of Human Resources, Admin Re

“I worked for Daniel for a number of years during a period of significant career progression and self-development.  He took time to understand my approach and motivation then played a supportive but challenging role to ensure I was able to perform at my best.    He provided an insightful perspective on a number of cultural challenges which helped to resolve issues before they materialized.”


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